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Empowering Coaching for Women that Reaps Results

I strongly believe every woman needs to create and control her own sustainable income. An income which affords her financial freedom and peace of mind.

Do you have a years of experience and skills but lack confidence? Do you want to leverage those skills and create a sustainable income which gives you peace of mind as you grow older?

Are you an established female freelancer, hospitality professional, consultant or solopreneur working in the food industry?


Then this is the perfect programme for you!

Your Instructor


I’m Ashanti. A *Digital FoodBiz Strategist* - What on earth does that mean?

It means I help Food Creatives and Foodpreneurs create digital content which equals paying customers and clients. To date I have not spent a penny on paid advertising or marketing. Yet the global Women In Food community continues to grow everyday! How can this be?

I create and share valuable and resource filled content strategically for free! This has helped me to attract my ideal customers and clients without spending a penny of marketing. I now advise other Foodpreneurs and Food Creatives on how to put their content to work so they win more clients and customers!

I'm also the founder of Female Foodpreneur Collective, an online network which celebrates, connects and inspires women in the food and drink industry. Come on over to meet me in our free global facebook community. And I host the Women In Food Podcast - the show which helps women in food grow their business and career. Yes I am a very busy Foodpreneur but I love to see foodie businesses thrive. Looking forward to meeting you!

Ashanti is an amazing individual to work with. Her passion and drive is reflected through her actions. I use Ashanti’s services as a teacher, mentor to my business as her knowledge and experience within the food sector is immense. Ashanti is also a strategic connector to resources, the support you get in regards to employing the right people for your business is fantastic! Ashanti has real eye for talent.

If for whatever reason you find Ashanti does not know the answer to your questions she will certainly do her research and come back to you with answers. Ashanti’s efficient and proactive approach means my business will continue to use Ashanti’s services always. If you are a food and drink beverage who would like to have answers to questions you don’t have the time to research then I would definitely recommend you use Ashanti as your mentor and teacher. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with Ashanti much more.

Heerum Fleary, Director - Tickeat

I provide exclusive strategic support for ladies who love to lunch, brunch, wine, dine, blog, cook and trade in food professionally.

Running a business and juggling the demands of life is not easy. Sometimes we need to bounce some ideas around with an outsider who can see the woods from the trees. As a Business Strategist and Mentor, I love to help women discover new and exciting ways of working which create sustainable income! This 1 or 3 hour strategy session is designed to refresh and refuel your current business or explore the possibilities of a new idea.


Over six weeks I will help you blaze a new trail through the food industry, demonstrating how you can:

  • Dramatically Grow Your Business: Expand on proven successes or plant new seeds.
  • Build a Brilliant Online Presence: Get paid for your experience and skills by utilising the powerful tools of the digital world.
  • Create Compelling Content Marketing: Discover the impact of a solid content marketing strategy that sells for you.
  • Ace Your Brand Identity: Create branding from scratch or revamp your old look with fresh, creative ideas.
  • Influence with Social Media: Learn how to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest to become a thought leader and influencer in the industry.
  • Find Financial Peace of Mind: Learn how to generate regular cash flow and save for a stress free retirement.
  • Discover New and Exciting Opportunities: Leverage your unique foodie talents and experience to teach others in the sector.

The Female Foodpreneur a.k.a. Ashanti Bentil-Dhue, has been a true inspiration and delivered the kick/encouragement that I needed to take the leap in setting up my own food business – something I had only dreamed of over the last 20 years!

Having access to and gleaning a wealth of information, ideas and tips from Ashanti, I am now getting myself and my products out there. I felt prepared and ready to approach my target audience, overcoming the fears that left me daunted at the thought of promoting my products. On my very first venture out, targeting a handful of businesses in my local area, resulted in success. I believe that this is due to the advice, sharing of facts and information around profit margins, USPs and a wealth of relevant information and knowledge shared at the very first Launch Your Own Food Business Master Class that took place last year. There was even a follow up gift included which has proved an invaluable resource.

The Female Foodpreneur can be accessed and utilised by all, not just women (I believe Ashanti to be the Female Foodpreneur rather than the service being purely about women in food though this is also celebrated).

Joy Lewis, Joy of Cakes Ltd

Ready to change the food game and reap the rewards?

I spend everyday helping women strengthen their business strategy and network effectively to grow their business. I myself have created a thriving and connected network with just an old iphone, free Wi-Fi and determination. I can show you how to be just as resourceful and breathe new life into your business or career!

I can’t wait to have a chat with you about this exclusive industry coaching programme.

With a vast array of experience in business, finance and food, I am ready to listen to your vision and show you how to create a sustainable future for yourself with recurring revenue.

Female empowerment is everything. Pair that with food and you have a match made in heaven!

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I cannot express enough how helpful Ashanti’s coaching was. The advice was positive, concise and constructive. Not only was the content totally relevant and up-to-date but her style of delivery left me motivated and energized to implement all that we’d discussed.

Ashanti was supportive and encouraging: she gave me clear methods on the ‘how’ with both ideas I’d been formulating (but had not established a clear direction with), as well as new concepts, which could transform my business to the next level.

I started my holistic fitness brand ‘Train Heal Breathe’ 5 years ago. After the session with Ashanti I had clear goals and action plans to reach a far wider audience with a percentage of earnings from recurring income, potentially increasing profits significantly; exciting new ideas that I couldn’t wait to get onto.

What I found really motivating about the methods we discussed is that they all involve me pushing the boundaries creatively in order to grow the business something that is really important to the artist in me (the business grows as I grow). It’s also really encouraging having a female mentor in particular, a fellow business woman to connect with. I highly recommend Ashanti’s expertise and business coaching/mentoring!

Iona Layland - Train Heal Breathe

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Frequently Asked Questions

If I have a question or query, who can I contact?
If you have a question or query, drop me an email on info@femalefoodpreneurcollective.com.
How do I know this programme is for me?
This programme is for you if you have at least a few years of experience and skills in a food related role or industry. If you are now ready to think about how to leverage those skills and create long term and recurring income - you need to be ready to reap the financial rewards of your experience. This programme is for you if you have started freelancing/consulting but the business is not growing as fast or as well as you would like and you are not sure what to do next... I understand exactly how frustrating, lonely and even confusing it can be when trying to clarify what your skills are, who you want to serve and help and the best strategy to employ to reach your goal. This is exactly why I created this programme - to save time, money and confusion when it comes to starting a recurring revenue business in the food industry. Book yourself in for a free consultation call to discuss your needs.
Who is Ashanti? How can I meet Ashanti?
Hello! This is Ashanti here (yep that's me up top) - Teacher, Connector and Business Strategist. I for one, am sick and tired of going to workshops and business shows, but coming away with no specific mechanics and strategies to help me reach the next stage or get a business off the ground. There aren't always enough opportunities to ask questions and sometimes if you do, there is never a straight answer! If you want to start and grow a business or career in food, where do you start? Where can you go for help, support and network? This is why I do what I do - I spend my time creating a connected network made up of experienced individuals in the industry who want to share their knowledge, skills and advice. I have to warn you this is not your typical network or community. I thoroughly love teaching and connecting people to enable them to gain economic independence and stability. I am all about simplicity, clarity and resourcefulness. That is how I teach and coach the women I work with. You can meet me in one of our free facebook groups here https://www.facebook.com/groups/womeninfood/.
I have not set up a business or started trading yet. Is this for me?
We have specific materials and strategies for those at start up/early stages. We can join you on the journey of making your idea a reality at a pace that is right for you. We also have access to events geared towards those at the early stages of building a business. Book yourself into a free consultation call to discuss your exact needs and how I can help you.